Lantern - Environment Art

The World of Lantern - Environment Art

Justin motton act i main menu

Main Menu

Justin motton main menu thumnail

Main Menu Environment

Justin motton act i mountains

In-Game Environment of Act I

Justin motton desktop screenshot 2019 03 28 16 11 40 22

Close-up of the Mountain. This is a moment before the player begins a cut-scene.

Justin motton desktop screenshot 2019 03 28 16 11 56 71

Cut-scene where Nomad lose Lantern

I set up the Environment Art and snow/blizzard effects. Mitch Vittoe worked on the animations with Nomad and Lantern and Clay McCormick put together the cut-scene with the mountain and sky going dark.

Justin motton act ii losing lantern

Nomad after losing Lantern and falling into the cave. Awesome animations from Mitch Vittoe

Justin motton act ii cave

Act II Cave Art

Justin motton act ii cave ice and carts

Act II Cave small portion of a puzzle

Justin motton act iii


Lantern - Environment Art

Lantern is my Senior Capstone project that I’ve been working on as the Environment Artist with seven awesome students. Lanterns is a 2.5D Puzzle-Platformer deep game that focuses on relationship dependency, specifically the relationship between the Player (Nomad) and Lantern. I wanted to share a few screenshots of the art I’ve done on the game. This has been awesome experience creating art for this game and I hope everyone enjoys what the team put together.

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Team Members :
Max Duggan - Composer
Alex Leslie – Designer
Daniel Hammond – Designer
Jack Davis-Martin – Sound Designer
Clay McCormick – Concept Idea/Producer/Programmer
Me/Justin Motton – Environment Artist/VFX
Mitch Vittoe – Character Art/Animations/Sound Designer
Brandon Wilson – Programmer