Castle Gate - Sculpting Fun

General / 03 June 2021

What's up everyone!

Very recently I finished this sculpt up and it felt good to just step away and just make some art just for the fun and because I enjoy sculpting. Playing Resident Evil: Village got me really hyped to the point where I really wanted to make something related to it.

Also, another big inspiration is Ivanna Littschwagers sculpts Her style is just awesome and always loved how grounded, detailed, and moody her final rendered sculpts are presented.

I plan on getting back to making environments really soon. I've been doing a lot of brainstorming and reference gathering for my next environment but sometimes I like to just step away watch some tutorials and give my mind a mental breather from time to time. I'm kinda glad I took a little break because I've been on and off with brainstorming my next environment, but each time I came back to it with a fresh mind and I'm really excited to start on that.

A little progress gif below because every project starts somewhere and goes through changes. A little something I wanna add is that I remember when I first opened up Zbrush and was completely overwhelmed, but remember to keep at it if you enjoy doing it because it'll come together eventually.