Last Of Us Inspired Blog #4: Final Reflection

General / 08 February 2021

Hey everyone! I wanted to kind of bring it all to a close. Working on this environment has been a rewarding experience it had its up and downs. Honestly, there were points early in the project where I legit questioned myself if I should keep working on it, but I stuck with it in the end. I think we all get those feelings from the time to time, but if you love it keep going for it and stick with it.  The down moments will happen, but not to give you the cliché response there really is a 'light at the end of the tunnel'. I had a lot of help along the way from my Mentor Jobye Karmaker and Beyond Extent, EXP, and DiNusty discords. I couldn’t be more thankful because a lot of that feedback/tips helped improve this scene. I accomplished some goals of mine and took in a lot of knowledge on this project to carry forward.

I want to trust my gut a bit more next time around. There were some ideas earlier in the project that I tried out and probably should have stuck with because ultimately, I ended up coming back to them. I want to be more efficient/cleaner with my workflow which I know will save me much more time in the future and most importantly it is good practice. On the next project, I would like to make block-outs a fun/enjoyable thing to do because for me that’s probably the most frustrating part of the process.

Something I struggle with so much is accepting making mistakes. Everything’s got to be perfect, but that’s why I like to reflect on projects after I finish because there are always positives to take away and things for me to improve on, it was something I picked up on from school. We used to do these analyses after projects so you can assess what went right and wrong. I always thought they were useful. I highly recommend always keeping track of your progress just so you have that reminder of where you improved and started.

I would like to be a bit more consistent with writing up blogs in the future, usually what happens in my case is that I get so locked in on what I'm working on that I tend to push them off. Funny enough after working on a scene with a guitar, I am learning how to play the guitar no joke lol. Until the next project! Peace!